Friday, 18 July 2014

Bald Eagle in acrylics

I painted this one a bit differently to normal.  Usually I do the background first and then paint the bird.  But since this bird is predominately white, it would have been difficult to cover the green background.  So instead I toned the canvas with burnt sienna, blocked in the bird, painted in the background and then finished off with the finer details of the bird.  I love the fierceness of this bird and I am really please with the final painting

The bald eagle is found in North America and is the national bird and national animal of the United States.   They measure between 70 - 102 cm in length and weigh between 3 - 6.3 kg.

Bald Eagle measures 6 x 6 inches and is painted on Raymar Feather Lite Canvas panel.


Many thanks to Gouache (MorgueFile) for the reference photo.