Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Magnolia Warbler in acrylics

I have wanted to paint this bird for ages but I  could see the bird sitting on a branch surrounded by flowers.  So when I was on holiday in Tasmania in October, I took lots and lots of photos of  the fruit trees that were in flower at the accommodation  I stayed at in Richmond.  This is painting I come up with by combining my reference photo of the flowers with the reference photo of the bird.   I used an old bristle brush to scrub in the background which worked really well.  I am really really pleased with the final painting.

The male breeding Magnolia Warbler is a lot more distinctive with a black necklace and black stripes down the sides so this one would be a female or juvenile.  They are about 11 - 13 cm in length and  weigh between 6 - 15 grams.

Magnolia Warbler measures 8 x 6 inches and is painted on Raymar's Feather Lite Smooth Portrait Cotton 1/16" panel.

Many thanks to Andy Reago and Chrissy McClarren for the bird reference photo.