Sunday, 20 August 2017

Pink Robin in acrylics

On one of my holidays to Tasmania a few years back, I specifically went looking for the Pink Robin. On the forest walk, I never come across him but when I got back the car, there he was admiring himself in the car's side mirrors.  I took lots of photos but only ended up painting one aceo from the batch I took mainly because the photos are not the best reference photos to use -  he is sitting on a blue car mirror and the background is not that great either.   900 plus paintings later, I have started to revisit my earlier photos as I see things a little bit differently now.  For this one, I love the tilt of his head but that was about all I liked in the reference photo.  So I ended up adding a branch, changing the background colour and  highlights.  Really love how the painting turned out.

Pink Robin measures 6 x 6 inches and is painted on Colourfix Smooth Paper.


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