Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Magpie Lark in acrylics

These birds are a regular visitor to my garden.  Normally they are looking for food on the ground so I have never  been able to get a good reference photo of them.  But a few weeks ago, they were making an awful racket so I went to see what the problem was and for the first time ever there was a  Laughing Kookaburra sitting on the back fence.  The Magpie Larks were not happy with the new visitor and were trying to scary it off.  Which didn't work as the Kookaburra was not at all worried about them and sat on the back fence for about 20 minutes.  That enabled me to take reference photos of the Kookaburra and since  the Magpie Lark was trying to scary it away, he was also on the fence so managed to get reference photos of both the Kookaburra and Magpie Lark. I am also planning on painting the kookaburra - just haven't decided on the size yet.

Magpie Larks are known by quite a few different names in the  different states of Australia.  Here in Queensland and in New South Wales they are known as a Peewee, in Victoria and Western Australian they are known as a Mudlark and in South Australia they are known as a Murray Magpie.  Who knew a bird could be known by so many names.  They are found in Australia (except Tasmania) and also Southern New Guinea.  They measure around 25 - 30 cm in length and weigh  between 63 - 118 grams.

Magpie Lark measures 5 x 5 inches and is painted on Colourfix Smooth paper.