Thursday, 18 February 2016

Siskin in acrylics

I had a thought the other day that the pastel paper that I had left over from my days working in pastel would be suitable for colour pencils.  So I pulled it all out and discovered something interesting that I hadn't realised - the surface is suitable for acrylics.

I was curious to try out a different surface so decided to first try out  the Colourfix Suede paper with acrylics.  I absolutely love  this paper for acrylics - it is hard to explain but the paint just slides on and it is easier to paint detail.

Some information on the Colourfix Suede paper  - the base paper is a 500gsm hot press watercolour paper and it is an archival quality surface suitable for use with a range of mediums including acrylics.

So here is the painting I did on this paper.

Siskin measures 5 x 5 inches and is painted on Colourfix 500gsm Suede Paper.

Many thanks to Aschi for the reference photo.