Sunday, 23 March 2014

Carmine Bee - Eater ACEO in watercolours

I couldn't decide on which medium to paint this lovely bird in.  I was going between acrylics and watercolours.  In the end I decided to do a watercolour head study in order to get an idea on how it would look in watercolours. 

I was really pleased with the result so I will be painting  the whole bird in watercolours. 

Of course I still want to do an acrylic version. Fortunately I have two more reference photos with the same bird but with its head at slightly different angles.  So I can paint an acrylic and I am also think an oil version.

Carmine Bee-Eaters are found across sub-equatorial Africa ranging from KwaZulu - Natal in South Africa across to Namibia and Gabon,  the Eastern Congo and Kenya.

Carmine Bee - Eater measures 3.5 x 2.5 inches and is painted on 300gsm rough Arches watercolour paper.

Many thanks to Scotch Macaskill for the reference photo.