Monday, 3 December 2012

Humming Bird in Acrylics

I love the  colours of the humming bird so bright and colourful.  I don't get that many colourful birds visiting my garden so I love to  paint them instead.  Australia does have some beautiful birds but they just don't visit my garden - probably to built up for them.  I have seen some lovely little blue wrens on my walk down to the lake but they tend to stay down by the water and the trees.  I want to try and get a good photo of them but they move so quickly so not sure if they will ever sit still long enough for me to get a good photo reference.  Will just have to keep trying - I might be lucky one day.

Humming Bird is painted on 6 x 6 inches Ampersand gessobord.

Many thanks to Michael D Utin for the reference photo.