Thursday, 5 June 2014

Red Browed Finch in acrylics

I just used my last 6 x 6 inch Raymar panel this week. Just as well I ordered some more. They should arrive next week.  I really do like the square panels so I decided to order a pack of 8 x 8 inch panels to try.  Just sometimes need a larger panel than the 6 x 6 inch so looking forward to trying them out.

The Red Browed Finch is also known as the Red Browed Firetails.  They are around 10 - 12 cm in length and weigh on average 11 grams.

Red Browed Finch measures 6 x 6 inches and is painted on Raymar's Feather Lite Canvas panel.

Many thanks to Patrick Kavanagh for the reference photo.