Saturday, 23 November 2013

Rainbow Bee-eater in acrylics

I first printed this one out to paint as a 6 x 4 inch but the bird seemed to be lost in the background. So I then tried a 7 x 5 inch but still wasn't happy with the size  so finally settled on a  9 x 7 inch. It needed a larger size to do justice to this beautiful bird.    I loved painting this one - just love its colouring and I am rather pleased how it turned out.  These birds can be found around Australia except in Tasmania. They are a medium size bird ranging from 21 - 28 cm in length and weigh around 27 grams.

Rainbow Bee-eater measures 9 x 7 inches and is painted on canvas board / panel.

Many thanks to Patrick Kavanagh for the reference photo.